The Swingers Lifestyle

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The swingers lifestyle is not for every person or couple and many couples will often stop swinging during their lifetime. There has been a very large increase in couples who are curious in recent years and the internet has allowed many couples to connect with others who have similar interests in sex or sexual games.

If this is your first time about the swingers lifestyle, this website has been created with the first emphasis to inform new couples about all aspects of the lifestyle and help them with the information to help them enjoy the lifestyle safely and get the most out of it. We are confident that you have also seen SDC and SpicyMatch one of the most comprehensive guides to swinging on the internet!

Progression In The Lifestyle

Many singles or couples will fantasize about playing sexually with more than one partner or sharing their partner with others. Sexual play or fantasies usually increase over time in the bedroom or outside the bedroom.
Adult movies and fantasies can increase the excitement of trying something or someone out. Many couples experiment a lot at home over the years and can create interests to spare the sexual game with other partners.

Most couples and singles have before getting involved in swinging, placed ads on different publications or on the internet to try to meet exciting and sensual people like you who are interested in the same or similar lifestyle activities. Usually you get a number of responses and spend a lot of time talking to or meeting the people you are at least interested in on paper.

In most cases the people you meet or meet in person do not meet your expectations either. The biggest disappointment about this form of meeting new couples or singles is that many people forge a lot of facts about themselves in order to get what they want. This method of contacting singles and couples is also very time consuming, expensive and risky.

Then many couples are better off venturing into the various swingers-clubs/">swingers clubs where they can meet other couples or singles of similar interests. Couples and singles women benefit by having access to considerably more people in a party than they can ever reach through advertising. Also at significantly less cost!

Many swingers-clubs/">swingers clubs vary and there are activities and members vary in their level of commitment to the swingers’ lifestyle. Many swingers clubs are available today and offer many types of social events, themed dances, parties, travel and much more. Most swingers clubs are for COUPLES only, but there are a number of clubs where the singles are also allowed in. This method of contacting singles and couples is also the safest!

As soon as couples feel more comfortable in the clubs they will try to experiment to fulfill their fantasies one by one. There are hundreds of fantasies with thousands of variations, this is what makes the love of lifestyle so exciting. Each new partner is different and plays differently.

Over time, most couples will expand their list of new playmates and host their own private parties. Many of these private parties are not advertised, but over time couples will be invited to more and more home parties hosted by lifestyle couples. The level of play and experimentation at different parties is endless. We have attended many home parties over the years and they are all different and very enjoyable. Not all parties are the same some are just social or soft swing parties.


Each person or couple is different in thousands of ways, and the level of play or experiment they choose to engage in can be so different from the next person. This lifestyle is not for every person or couple. Millions of North Americans, who contain over a million Canadians, enjoy the swingers lifestyle in one form or another. We really hope that you will take the time to learn more about swingers and to see if this is a worthwhile hobby. If both of you are very sexually active at home and would like to experiment with other sexually liberating couples, the swingers lifestyle can be your perfect playground.

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