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Swinging Trios MFF FMM FFF MMM

Have you ever wondered what trios really are like? Have you ever fantasized about adding a third person to your sexual game? Are trios real or just stories on a video for 18+? You’ll find some real information on how to find them.

Since most of the couples in this 18+ swingers lifestyle are couples, it can be difficult and frustrating to find a willing third partner if you don’t know where to look or how to ask. Many couples will ask a friend or advertise in some form of media first. In most cases these two ways of adding a third partner come with terrible results.

Male Woman Woman – MFF

Most new couples traditionally look for a bisexual woman first, usually because the majority of women are bisexual or bi-curious. Couples become very frustrated looking for a single BI woman, because they are rare and unwilling or unable to accommodate all the large numbers of couples looking for one.

Most couples looking for a single BI woman place ads in newspapers, magazines, on the internet or tele-contact ads with very little success. The main reason for the unsuccessful attempts is very simple, most BI LADIES are married or have a male partner and will not answer any of these ads looking for a single BI woman. Ask yourself this simple question if your female partner is bisexual, would you be willing and excited about your female partner going out alone to play with another couple while you stay at home. Most married ladies wouldn’t want to do this, and their male partners don’t get excited about the idea either.

The majority of all meetings take place in larger groups at 18+ lifestyle clubs or private parties. The biggest advantage here is that the fourth partner can watch or be involved in a FMM meeting at the same party. Some couples will even look for lies to get a second woman by telling a couple that they are looking for couples and will spend all their intimate and private time with the lady.

Woman Male Male – FMM

This is a great fantasy for many couples. Finding an extra male to play with your female partner is quite easy, the problem is finding the right one, with the right attitude and who will not fall in love and become attached to your female partner.

Most couples who are looking for an extra male place ads in newspapers, magazines, on the internet or tele-personals with overwhelming reactions, but little success in selecting the right person. There are many predators and there are and many men who cheat on their wives.

In many cases it can take you a lot of time and effort to assess and answer a hundred answers in order to find a few suitable candidates. Many couples find this method of contacting suitable men time-consuming, frustrating and dangerous. Some single men become attached or try to see your female partner on the side. Some men have even gone to extremes to expose your swingers lifestyle to your friends and family if they don’t get what they want. Many single men often don’t keep appointments very private. Married men who cheat on their partners keep appointments private, but many marriages are destroyed by this type of activity.

The fastest and safest method for FMM meetings is in larger groups at 18+ lifestyle clubs or private parties. The biggest advantage here is that the fourth partner can watch or be involved in an MFF meeting at the same party. Because most couples are already emotionally attached to each other, the risk of the man becoming emotionally attached to your female partner is greatly reduced. Some couples who are married and very active in the swingers lifestyle will also play divorced from their partner at parties or separate houses, holidays etc. The more couples you get to know in the swingers lifestyle, it certainly gives you a lot of chances to meet FMM in safety and really for the enjoyment of the sport.

Woman Woman Woman – FFF

The majority of ladies in the swingers lifestyle are bisexual. It doesn’t take much effort to combine or group different ladies for bisexual play.

Not every lady will be willing to play with another lady. Some form of attraction is always required to make things warm. Most trios with FFF are often found or encouraged at 18+ clubs or private parties. Most women really enjoy the touch of another woman, so getting two ladies to play with your lady can be a lot of fun for her and your viewing pleasure.

Some lesbians or lesbian groups will promote themselves as a women’s bisexual club in an effort to attract other women to play with. These groups may sound interesting at first glance, but many of these groups will not want couples to sign up and do not want males to be present at their events. Lesbians prefer women in the first place, compared to bisexual women who prefer the opposite sex first and the same sex as an extra bonus for their sexual play. So in your rush to meet other ladies, it is important to determine whether you are bisexual or lesbian.

Male Male Male – MMM

Not very common or in demand with most swingers groups, but increasing interest in the experiments of the ladies encourages the men to perform for the benefit of the ladies.

Many more men are bisexual than they are willing to admit. But being bisexual is still the main attraction for the opposite sex. Most combinations of MMMs are extremely rare in clubs held outside the building. Men are more likely to experiment with their bisexuality at on-premise clubs or private parties.

Most bisexual play between men in the swinging swingers lifestyle is oral, masturbation and other mild levels of sexual touch and cooperation when playing with a woman, such as double penetration into a vagina or a woman giving oral sex to both men at the same time.

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