Voyeurism, exhibitionism and swinging

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Voyeurism, exhibitionism and swinging

Many couples in the swingers lifestyle are voyeurs.
Do you like watching other people?
Maybe you ask your partner not to wear underwear and like to watch when they sit or bend down.
Many couples like to see others safely in swingers-clubs/">swingers clubs or in the open air.
Having sex while watching your partner or others is always fun!

Voyeurism is healthy, but be very careful where you do it.

I’m glad nobody saw us having sex on this rock!

I’d like to see her cut the grass!

Why don’t people notice I’m not wearing underwear?

Can my partner mainly watch?

Your husband or partner does not have to stay involved the entire time. A great part of fun in the swinging lifestyle is watching your partner.
We have many club members that just love to watch their partner playing with other playmates.
Most clubs will work very hard to create a no pressure atmosphere and you will find most swing couples to be very open and understanding with new couples.
It is important that you play to your own comfort levels and go at the pace of the slowest partner.


Many couples in the swinging lifestyle are exhibitionists.
Do you like to show off your goodies?
Maybe you don’t wear any underwear and love watching the men stare at you when you sit or bend over.
Many couples love to show it off safely in adult clubs or in the great outdoors.
Maybe your hard cock slipping out of your shorts is an attention grabber for the ladies.
Having sex in front of a captive audience is always fun!

Have you had a fantasy of performing for an individual or a crowd of approving adults.
Let us know the intimate details of your fantasy and we will do our best to make your fantasy a reality.

Maybe you want to try something risky?

If you would like us to take a special photo for you partner, we might be able to help.

Maybe your fantasy involves more than just removing your clothes. If you have a passion to try something erotic in front of your partner or for a group of men or women, email us with your plans.

If you looking for that special something for your birthday party or event and have a receptive group or ladies or men that could assist our individuals or couples fulfill their fantasy, drop us a note or drive by.
We will maintain a list and do our best to match up fantasies with a matching audience.

Can I cum in and use your bathroom?

Going topless in Ontario, Canada is LEGAL!
But this is very daring!
This will give the crew an uplifting experience for the day.

Do you know of anyone who can cum and trim my bush?

If my kids catch me in the back yard, I’m toast!
I hope my neighbor is still watching me!

Look mom, no bra! Ooops, no panties either!
I’m glad he has no film in that camera!

Check out my new bra honey!
It feels so lite, like I’m not wearing anything!

Anyone want to cum rollerblading with me?

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